Forum of Networks - Exchange between Networks and Organizations

Jan 2023

UN Water Conference 2023 - Community of Practice "River Stories"

March 2023

Next Generation Podium 2023 - Next Edition!

May 2023

Previously involved....

Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta

May 2021                               May 2022   

Roadmap SURE Eurodelta - Update!

July 2021 

Eurodelta Vision Catalogue

September 2021

SURE Scientific Board - a network of universities in the Eurodelta to better connect education, research & practice

October 2021

Landvestors II - The Region
Rheinisches Revier / Brainport Eindhoven

November 2021

Driving force for cross-border collaboration: positioning port-city regions in the Eurodelta

December 2021

ESPON Targeted Analysis STISE - Sustainable Transport Infrastructure in the Strategic urban region Eurodelta

2020 (Application)

New Planning Dialogue - Critically reflecting on planning visions in the Netherlands 

2019 (Presentation)

Rhine-Alpine Corridor - Integrated Spatial and Inland Port Development in Spaces of European importance 

2018 (Phd)