The Braun-Urban.Net(work) is based on collaborations with practitioners

 in cities and regions across the Strategic Urban Region Eurodelta and beyond:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium

Cologne, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany

Ghent, Belgium

The Hague, The Netherlands

Paris and Lille, France

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Basel and Zurich, Switzerland

Milano and Genova, Italy

SURE Eurodelta Roadmap

Guiding work principles

Spatial and mobility strategies

Innovative spatial and mobility strategies for site developments, cities and regions. Expertise in cross-scale design and in the integration of space and mobility.

Informal planning instruments

Transfer of strategies and concepts into suitable planning instruments. Exploring ways and means of adapting the formal instruments by focusing on informal acitvities.

Process design

The act of transforming is a learning process in itself. Rethinking spaces and processes, forming sustainable alliances and positively shaping changes in the living environment.

Research transfer

Establishing connections between various universities departments across Europe to develop new research design process through exchanging knowledge and practices.